Google and Colin Farrell lay on virtual tour of sites connected to Ireland’s 1916 Easter Rising

Google is taking Ireland’s 1916 Easter Rising commemorations global with a virtual tour through the key sites and events of the rebellion.

Google Rising

Rare and previously unpublished material will be just a click away to millions worldwide with the new online exhibition, narrated by Hollywood star Colin Farrell.

Using Google technology, users can tour central Dublin locations as they are today and through photos, stories and statements witness what happened there during the uprising 100 years ago.

“Travelling and working all over the world means that I don’t get to go home to Ireland very often so anything I can do to get home, even virtually, is a blessing,” said actor Farrell.

“Growing up in Dublin, the events of 1916 are a key part of our schooling and culture and I’m glad now that anyone around the world can learn more about it and see why it had such an impact on modern day Ireland just by picking up their phone or computer.”

The rising in Dublin was a seminal moment in Irish history which ultimately led to partition and the creation of both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Throughout this year there will be more than 40 State ceremonial events held as part of the Ireland 2016 Centenary Programme, while events are also planned throughout the UK and further afield.

The virtual tour is part of a collaboration between Google, the National Library of Ireland, Military Archives, Glasnevin Cemetery Museum, the Abbey Theatre, the Royal Irish Academy and Trinity College Dublin.

The National Library is special items from its online collections for the tour, including 1916 leader Joseph Plunkett’s notebook, kept throughout the Easter Rising from his position in the General Post Office.

A draft notice of surrender, signed by another leader Patrick Pearse, will also be available to view.

Ronan Harris, head of Google Ireland, said the tour gives people a way to peel back the layers of history and experience what life was like 100 years ago in Ireland.

“2016 is a significant year for Ireland, commemorating as it does the events of 1916 which subsequently led to the birth of the modern Ireland we are today,” he added.

“In commemoration, we have worked with a number of partners and historians to help people in Ireland and around the world, explore, learn and talk about the people, events, places and objects that shaped these defining events.”

The Dublin Rising 1916-2016 Tour can be accessed at



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