Top 6 Reflections on Ireland

Learning to Whistle

“Eight days is not much time, I must say,” said a friend who has spent many summers in Ireland. She sounded as though there was no point in going unless I planned to stay a good long while. I brushed off the comment. Eight days was what we had and we were going to use them well.

But after eight days, I see what she means. Once you are in Ireland, you just kind of want to stay there.

It is not to say that we didn’t use our eight days well, but travelers sell Ireland short by trying to “conquer,” i.e. cover as much territory as possible. It is a “smell the roses” kind of place, through and through. As I look back at the highlights of those eight days, the touristy things like the Jameson Distillery or the Beehive huts aren’t what I remember first. It is the conversations we had with…

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