Zombies v Goths dance-off as Dublin celebrates Halloween and Bram Stoker

Forget your cute pumpkin get-ups or sexy nurse costumes, Dublin’s Halloween is all about horror as the Bram Stoker Festival showed this weekend.

Over 42,000 merrymakers, many dressed as vampires, zombies, Goths and the undead, took to the streets to celebrate the Halloween season and “Dracula” author, Bram Stoker, a Dublin native.

The festival fittingly used the hashtag #BiteMe for the weekend. The three days of festivities included a Macnas parade, an exhibition called “Blood” at Trinity College Dublin’s Science Gallery, and a Goths versus zombies dance-off at the junction of Grafton Street and St Stephen’s Green.
Although certainly a little gruesome, the festival was good family fun.

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Mandy and Will McCall, from County Wicklow, brought their four children along for the day, handmade fangs and fake blood and all! Mandy told the Irish Times, “It’s good fun, and Bram Stoker was from Dublin so we’re taking Halloween back for the Irish…It’s not just about trick-or-treating.”

The exhibition “Blood” at Trinity included a blood type testing station, giant screens displaying the pulsating fingerprints of gallery visitors, and videos of performance art involving lots of blood, the exhibition sought to explore “the mythical, cultural and medical aspects of this unique connective tissue.”

The street performance troupe Macnas staged the parade, “The Summoning,” on the streets of Dublin at the close of the festival on Monday with evil giant Crom, mythological gorgon Medusa and winged-stallion Pegasus and more snaking their way through the city.


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