Viking Week-end!

Dublinia Logo
Dublinia Logo

Hailing from Gudvangen, a real working Viking town, also known as the Viking Valley, it is located in the The Nærøy Fjord in Norway. There are approximately 60 inhabitants who live there and live the way of Vikings past. From the 3rd to the 5th August, the Norway natives will take over Dublinia, exhibiting the primitive way of life in Gudvangen, which mirrors that of Vikings past.

Hosting a range of demonstrations and talks, this once in a lifetime experience will open Dubliners’ eyes to an era bygone, or so one would have thought! From learning the fabric creation technique of Naalbinding with Marie to listening to the awe inspiring Sagas and mythological tales told by Lars, visitors will discover the legacy of a time of warriors! Visitors’ to Dublinia will also discover what life is really like as a Viking merchant and chieftain from Georg and learn all about different Viking games with Rogers.

Visitors’ will be in for an extra special treat as the extraordinary Norse visitors display the strength, skill and courage of Vikings in demonstrations of Glima, a form of Viking wrestling, which will be held in the courtyard of Dublinia. Hailed as one of the top cultural attractions the city has to offer, Dublinia will be home to the Norse Vikings from 3rd to 5th August inclusive from 10.30am – 4.30pm each day as part of its exciting summer programme of events which will take visitors back into a time unknown where they can explore the wonderful ways of Dubliners past. Located on St. Michaels Hill, Christchurch, an historically important position in the heart of Dublin City, Dublinia is open daily from 10am to 5pm.

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